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Information sur le fichier - La Pudeur des Icebergs - danse nue - Daniel Leveillé - canada

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Date de Téléchargement sur le serveur : 13-12-2005 00:00

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Catégorie : Spectacles

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Giving goose bumps
Philip Szporer


Nude awakening: Léveillé fleshes out his ideas
photo: Rolline Laporte

Cold flesh in Daniel Léveillé's La Pudeur des icebergs

The bare skin of the young dancers in the poster for La Pudeur des icebergs reveals all. There's provocation in the image, something personal that's divulged. And an invitation to wrap oneself in the artist's libidinous sensibility. Daniel Léveillé, the most iconoclastic of Quebec choreographers, for a long time wasn't interested in touring, managing, or a big career. But everything changed with Amour, acide et noix, his preceding and breakthrough piece and the second in a trilogy, which infused an impersonal style with passionate feeling. There were nude dancers in that one too. Which at the time made the piece a huge draw. Audiences couldn't get enough of Léveillé's fiercely individualistic work. Now, the heat is on, and he knows it. People will be eyeing this new work with anticipation.
"Nude dancers was not something willed," says the soft-spoken choreographer. But after a single rehearsal, he recalls, it became clear that the dancers had to take off the other "costume." Léveillé's work is about stripping things down. "I've arrived at this point where my prime work is removing, clearing the way," he says. It's taken three and a half years to make this new work. Now 50-ish, he's been choreographing for 30 years, never wanting to repeat himself, proceeding through phases of deep reflection and what sounds like intense introspection to create his intimate physical canvases. "It's painful to be young. It's easier at 50." And now he admits, most humbly, that maybe he has something to say

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