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Nudist Among Us
by Allen Parker (2003)

Nudist Among Us is an old-fashioned approach to humor. Pick a lovable character and place him in unusual situations that spawn absurd reactions. In the collection of stories and comments, the main character finds himself drifting through life haplessly awaiting his next disaster. Coupled with his family of straight men, the laughs are continuous and boisterous. Chester is our new hero, a man who leaves much to be desired in the way of proper and safe planning. He executes many of his daily activities with the skills usually contained in emergency room customers. As much as we like Chester, just about everyone loves Karalynn. Anyone who can withstand the likes of Chester must be an angel waiting for her wings. She follows her husband into one disaster after another without the slightest hint of murderous intention in her heart. Well, maybe just a little mayhem. Take a few hours off and enjoy this book.
Tom Pine: from The Naked Truth Nudesletter
Allen is one of those people who can turn the most mundane experience into a thigh-slapping yarn.

ISBN: 1413701787
Éditeur : Lightning Source Inc 01/1//
Reliure : Soft cover


  Les enfants du soleil
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Les enfants du soleil

Children of the sun - Gordon Kennedy (1998)

Une anthologie imagée de l'Allemagne vers la Californie 1883-1949.
Beaucoup de photos de personnes nues. L'époque des colonies nudistes.

Children of the sun - 4    Children of the sun - 3    Children of the sun - 2
Éditeur : Nivaria Press 1998 Octavo - 192 pages - Langue Anglais   ISBN : 0966889800 
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Living Naked & Frugal
A Handbook for Parsimonious Nudity.(1997)
Chronicles one man's search for and attainment of naked happiness. Faced with a diagnosis of acute leukemia in early 1996, and a life expectancy measured in months at most, Paul Penhallow attacked the writing of this book with great diligence. Marilyn Lovell, a friend and confidant, worked closely with him to prepare Living Naked and Frugal for posthumous publication. Penhallow's "Four Laws of Naturism" comprise the springboard on which the book is based. "Accept Yourself" provides a test to determine if one is a nudist by temperament, along with exercises for developing any latent potential. "Respect Others" discusses the factors involved in choosing a residential resort and the particulars of social interaction in such establishments. "Live Simply" explains the many ways in which the nudist lifestyle is cheaper than "textility." "Relax Daily" deals with how to use one's "naked time" fulfillingly and for "recreational procrastination." Living Naked and Frugal also contains a comprehensive listing of nudist resorts throughout the United States. 96 pages, 5 x 8, illustrated.

ISBN: 1559501650
Éditeur : Breakout Productions Inc 01/1//
Date d'édition : 1997
Reliure : Soft cover

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Recreational Nudity and The Law

A new book by Gordon Gill, is a collection of 101 abstracts of cases dealing with recreational nudity, covering the period 1934 to the present. Anyone perusing this book can find out about the nudist movement in society. The cases are grouped chronologically by category: a) organized nudism on private property, b) individual or group nudity in a public setting, and c) books, magazines, and motion pictures constituting serious scholarship or depicting legitimate representation. Each case portrays the factual situation, the issues before the court, and the opinion rendered, including concurrences and dissents, if any. The book is of interest to both the lay individual and the legal professional. the concise overview of the cases gives the lawyer involved in recreational nudity cases a good idea of what has and has not worked in the judicial process.

Éditeur : Dr Leisure (1 janvier 1987)
Format : Relié - 198 pages
ASIN : 1887471006
Dimensions (en cm) : 24 x
Autres éditions :

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Growing Up Without Shame

Revised edition of "The Naked Child" by Dennis Craig Smith

This hard-to-find book addresses the rantings of the "experts" who think that family nakedness encourages incest, Oedipus complex, castration anxiety, parent seduction, over stimulation, sexual obsession, school failures, penis envy, sexual deviancy, parent hatred, exhibitionism, bisexuality, and obsessive guilt and frustrations. But Dennis Craig Smith was unwilling to accept these opinions as fact. He began a search for the truth that led him to naturist camps and beaches to interview and survey adults who had grown up in nudist families. He found well-adjusted people who blatantly disprove the "experts" theories. The book addresses the need for further long-term research regarding the true effect of family nudity on the developing child and can be invaluable to anyone who is interested in learning more about the philological and emotional effects of growing up in a nudist family. 221 pages, 66 B&W photographs, 6 inches by 9 inches.

Éditeur : Elysium Growth Pr (juin 1986)
Format : Broché - 221 pages Reissue édition
ASIN : 1555990010
Dimensions (en cm) : 23 x 15

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Being Naked: Attitude Toward Nudity Through the Age

In this stark and honest book, author Susan Stanton unravels many implications of nudity. Being Naked explores attitudes toward nudity, as well as morality and the history of nudity and body images through the ages. She specifically traces bodily embarrassment to three distinct sources: Upbringing; Religion, Media Portrayal of Body Images. She advocates compassion and self-acceptance and encourages people to have the courage to follow their dreams, without being restricted by the fear
of conventional attitudes. Being Naked satisfies curiosity and a need for candid information on nudity and the body. 153 pages. 5 ½” x 8 ½”.

Éditeur : Ablaze Pr (octobre 2001)
Format : Broché - 142 pages
ASIN : 0970873905
Dimensions (en cm) :

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Naked Los Angeles
Greg Friedler

The people of Los Angeles are men and women of all shapes, ages, colors, and professions living in a city famed for its Hollywood glamour and perpetual summer. Photographed outdoors we see a magician, screenwriter, trapeze artist, unemployed surfer, filmaker, casting director, to name just a few. Like Naked New York, this continuation book introduces us to images that are at once deeply intimate and refreshingly matter of fact

Éditeur : W. W. Norton & Company (décembre 1998)
Format : Broché - 144 pages
ISBN : 0393318745
Dimensions (en cm) : 1 x 24 x 18

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Naked New York
Greg Friedler

This book is the manifestation of photographer Greg Friedler’s desire to document the various types of people who exist within humanity, a desire driven by my intense curiosity in what people do, how they live, and in their existence. Each photograph is of a person clothed and naked in order to show the two sides of the same person, the public as well as the private. The clothed version, as they are seen everyday in society, is only part of the truth. It is almost as if we were blind. The blind can only achieve one sense of a person through their hearing, just as we, the sighted, only have one sense of a clothed individual. You will find it an extraordinary coffee-table book worthy of your naturist sensibilities.

Éditeur : W. W. Norton & Company (mai 1997)
Format : Broché - 160 pages
ISBN : 0393316467
Dimensions (en cm) : 1 x 24 x 18
Autres éditions :

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Body Packaging
by Julian Robinson
As nudists we are all aware how clothing influences people. We act and feel differently while clothed in various kinds of garments. We "become" the persona that our clothes suggest or represent. It is precisely why, in escaping this influence, we can truly appreciate nude recreation. We are fully ourselves only when we are nude, naturally. Body Packaging is a copiously and artfully illustrated book about body adornment in all its fascinating forms. Controversial and visually explicit, Body Packaging uncovers the coverings - from cod pieces and penile sheaths to high-heeled shoes and French knickers, from uniforms and bondage to wedding dresses, tail coats and jeans. From cover to cover, this stunningly beautiful photo journal - which also includes many fine paintings and illustrations - traces the effect that clothing has had on people through the centuries. Its an "eye opener", and also a great opener for discussions about nude recreation and why we value it. 208 pages, hundreds of photographs in color and B&W, 8 3/4 inches by 11 1/2 inches.

Éditeur : Elysium Growth Pr (juin 1990)
Format : Relié - 208 pages
ASIN : 1555990274
Dimensions (en cm) :

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Beyond Nakedness

Paul Ableman's fascinating look at the weird, wonderful, and sometimes terrifying ways modern society looks at the nude and natural human form - a provoking and entertaining study of why we hide, reveal, flaunt, are ashamed of, and even scorn the human body. Beyond Nakedness is a no-holds-barred look at human nudity that will delight anyone who seeks constructive dialogue and an applicable philosophy to nude recreation. Ableman writes with a firm grasp of how anthropology, religion, art, and sociobiology have influenced current attitudes toward the nude body. 114 pages, 100 B&W photographs, 6 inches by 9 inches.


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Body Self-Image
Many Americans do not like their bodies. Psychologists treat people with self-image by helping them face their inner attitude toward the body and eliminating negative emotions. How is this brought about? The technique many therapists use forms the text of Body-Self Image. It follows four individuals who, in the presence of a therapy group, confront their attitudes toward their own bodies and learn to accept themselves on a deeper level than ever before. This book can be used as a guide by readers, either alone or in the presence of family or friends. Ideal for use in overcoming personal fears and inner attitudes that interfere with full self-acceptance. A spontaneous body-information workshop in which four nude men and women experience self-examination with professional leaders. 116 pages, 6x8, 100 B&W photos.

Éditeur : Los Angeles: Sensate Media Service/Elysium Growth Press, 1987, Los Angeles
Date d'édition : 1987
Reliure : Trade Paperback

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The Importance Of Wearing Clothes
By understanding a society that depends on clothing fetishes and other body adornments, we can better understand the need for nude recreation. The Importance of Wearing Clothes is the classic history of fashion and human condition by Lawrence Langner, revised and updated for the 1990s by fashion authority Julian Robinson. Here is a look at what inspired the bold, outrageous styles of the 1960s and beyond: the miniskirt, the topless bathing suit and the unisex look!. A full chapter with photos is devoted to nudism, in which Langner states, "We are also indebted to the nudists for emphasizing the importance of removing them [clothes] from time to time for our physical and spiritual well-being." An invaluable resource for social scientists, historians, designers, artists, librarians, archivists, and all those who cover and adorn their bodies. 368 pages, over 350 B&W photos and illustrations with a new 16-page full color section. 6 1/2 inches by 9 1/2 inches.

Éditeur : Hastings House, New York
Date d'édition : 1959
Reliure : Hard Cover






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